Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hey, it's been a while since I wrote in this blog, but mayby it's time I started upgrading it again :)

Here is my last (for now) Tamtam, Ornata. It wasn't commissined, just done for fun :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

The deer

Uh so... There he is, finally finished. It's not that it took me sooo long to actually make him. But it seems something kept me from finishing him, constantly. 

He stands about 35 cm tall. It's air drying clay painted with acrylics, eyes are plastic. 
Antlers and some scales are painted golden.
According to the idea his body is based mostly on horse shape, not deer.

Some pics and details below ;))

Friday, February 1, 2013

Enigma Tamtam

Oooh yes it finally happened! There he goes, a blue tamtam commisioned from me. That was kinda strange time, last month, but anyways - he's finished! And almost on his way home, i hope his new owner will like him)) Such a pity it's not a sunny day, the shots could be better... But i need to send him off finally, no more delaying)

He's needle felted of merino wool over wire armature; snout and eyes are of sculpey clay painted with acrylics. The baby is about 30 cm / 11,8 inch tall. 

The colour was a commisioner's choice, but i find this kind of elegant :) He was a naughty baby by the way, he changed two different pairs of eyes and tree different snouts before i found the face i like))

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Elli .. er, kinda dino?..

My latest woollen creature - Elizaur. Don't know what he is actually ;))

He's needle felted of merino wool over wire armature, eyes are handmade of polymer clay.He is 19 cm / 7,5 inch tall and about 23 cm / 9 inch long.

Marshan the rat

And i give you Marshan the stripy tailed rat =))
He's a kind of, er, champagne coloured alien rat))

Needle felted of merino wool over wire armature, eyes are plastic, tail is cotton thread.He is 21 cm / 8 inch tall.

the Birdy

A woollen creature again) the birdy! He's not a good flyer but a great digger ^^

The chick is needle felted of merino wool over wire armature, eyes handmade as well. He is 18 cm / 7 inch tall. He's still available for adoption :)

the Binturong and the Lynx

Two sculpy things. 

The first one -it's a binturong aka bearcat. I love them!

Premo Sculpey polymer clay over wire and foil armature, painted with acrylics. 

He's 9 cm / 3,5 inch long. In person he doesn’t look that sad by the way :)

the Sock Eater

That's the Sock Eater =)
He's named after a little beast invented by Terry Pratchett :)

Sock Eaters are nocturnal animals, they live in wardrobes and under beds ;)
 They feed on socks, and that's because of them one of the socks is often missing, you noticed that uh?) Beware!) (c)

I strongly believe there are several types of them, each one with its own features and habits, all different.)) I'm thinking over the idea of making some more, they pop up in my mind, but that has a long way to go..

This one is supposed to be nocturnal as well, watchful and very quick (and don't be deceived by his paunch).

He's about 14 cm / 5,5 inch tall, needle felted of merino wool over wire armature. And he's holding a sock  which is felted as well.
His eyes are handmade, polymer clay painted with acrylics paint and varnished.

Autumn Tamtam

And here is my Autumn Tamtam. He's my only Daily Deviation on DA for now.

He's needle felted of merino wool; his legs, neck and tail are wire and cotton thread, snout is sculpey clay painted with acrylics, eyes homemade as well. He's about 30 cm / 11,8 inch tall.

This guy is sold, but right now i'm working on another tamtam creature in completely different colours, and i hope to finish him soon :)

Needle felting

I intend putting relatively new stuff into the blog, but still here are my first needle felted creatures, as long as i have to start somewhere =)

the tarantula