Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the Sock Eater

That's the Sock Eater =)
He's named after a little beast invented by Terry Pratchett :)

Sock Eaters are nocturnal animals, they live in wardrobes and under beds ;)
 They feed on socks, and that's because of them one of the socks is often missing, you noticed that uh?) Beware!) (c)

I strongly believe there are several types of them, each one with its own features and habits, all different.)) I'm thinking over the idea of making some more, they pop up in my mind, but that has a long way to go..

This one is supposed to be nocturnal as well, watchful and very quick (and don't be deceived by his paunch).

He's about 14 cm / 5,5 inch tall, needle felted of merino wool over wire armature. And he's holding a sock  which is felted as well.
His eyes are handmade, polymer clay painted with acrylics paint and varnished.

Heh and that was the original sketch))

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